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how the internet can nourish our souls

Rain and Debussy, warmth and lovely books. What a beautiful day it is here today. And I have been browsing beauty online, and thinking about what it would have been like to have had the internet when I was young.

A long time ago, when I was living far from home, I happened to pick up a book about the last Russian emperor. I'd always loved Russia, so this romantic story enchanted me from the first. I became fascinated with all things Romanov. I travelled about the city to read obscure history books in tiny, dusty libraries. I spent hours in the university basement, watching newsreels from pre-war Russia. It was not easy to feed my interest. Of course, these days thousands of photographs, memoirs, and film clips are available online. And thousands of young women are just as fascinated by the last Romanovs as I was.

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That's just one example of how my environment lacked the things I loved. Another: poetry. I was nineteen, at university, before I discovered…

the wild simplicity daybook

One of the threads of peace that has woven through my experience of motherhood is memory. It weaves in both directions : the mindfulness of making memories, and the heartfulness of preserving of them.

For years, I have kept diaries in which homeschool lesson plans, budgets, recollections of the day, photographs, ink flowers, concert tickets, poems, wishes, all mingled together. It blesses the days I live now & those in the future from which I will look back fondly. But a book is one thing, and thisis another altogether more scrumptious ...

Lesley Austin at Small Meadow Press has long inspired my record keeping (and my homeschooling, and my homemaking, and more) with her papers, notebooks, thoughtful words, and lovely spirit. Now she has created a daybook so lovely, even the pictures of it make me feel peaceful and charmed. It's no surprise; Lesley has such a heart for beauty, everything she makes is like gentle grace and comfort for the world.

The Wild Simplicity Daybook is no…