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the bee-wing moon

The early days of spring are like chiffon drifting against the cold, wrinkled skin of winter. I feel a smile tug at me and then fade again as the new season dances in, dances out, until I feel like I am dancing too because I turn and turn again to find it. Like the Mother, the earth, I am in love with the restless god. I love him when he's old and firelit and we can never know when he'll knock at our door, dressed in storms like rags, grinning like a moon that has cut a beautiful, painful scar of light into the night. I love him when he's young and laughing, luring, dangerous finally in the moment he gets you into some warm deep shadow and you realise there's no getting out again - you're blessed now, touched with the honey fragrance of the wild, tumbled, snagged, in love.

I call this moon the bee-wing moon because it seems gauzy, dreaming, and yet it reminds me of the rich magic in nature that floats up to shimmer like pollen or golden glitter on the sunlit air. Kisses on the smiling mouth of the god. Everything - everything - is part of a love story. It's the only story. It's why I follow the old holy days - because they tell that story. And as they tell it, my heart does too. I remember how I love the natural world of which I am a limb, an offshoot. And I can celebrate (as if I need an excuse) my love for the magician, the storm, the laughing young pirate - the force of change which brings life to the world.


  1. exquisite Sarah

    the big fat moon was an amazing site last night

  2. You write so beautifully! Last night I walked thru the meadow looking at a huge orange moon on the horizon between the pine trees and thought that I should be celebrating Lammas or running back home for the camera or something, and then I thought, stuff that for a game of soldiers! This moon is all mine. Mine, Robert's and the deer and hare we disturbed in the meadow. And maybe the white barn owl that flew overhead. The moon is his too.......today I might go and cut an ash branch for a magic wand. :D

  3. Bee-wing moon, your words, the poetry...I love everything about this. So beautiful.

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