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stories from the river

I've written before about how I am a sky-inspired woman, drawn to the evocative distances between things. I personally do not relate to earthbound water, with its depths and the darkness with which it enfolds its secret stories. But there's a photographer who tells stories in the language of water, and I love her work.

I love the soul and rich, mystical power of it.

Michelle Gardella says photographing women in the river is not a choice for her ... not an idea or inspiration ...

"This is my bones. This is the song of my soul. These are the stories I was born to tell the way only I can tell them." 

I have come to understand more and more over the years how imagery can tell stories just as powerfully as words do. The best photographs are not just reproductions, they whisper their subjects' tales, and incite the wordless heart-tales of their viewers too. I am not good enough for that yet. The photos here on my weblog are usually snapshots, although, behind the scenes, I am quietly collecting images that are hopefully teaching me about the mood and magic which resonate with my soul. Michelle Gardella is an artist who inspires me in this because of her gorgeous integrity, and the richness of her pictures. They take my breath away. In their stunning intimacy, they are the far distance I am reaching for. 

The rivers I have known all told dragon tales, wish tales, full of wild beauty, carried out of the lightless heart of mountains, or the interwoven murmurs of suburbia, or the yearning for ocean. The women in Michelle's photographs seem to express this kind of river language, wise woman language. And they make me believe that every woman, whatever her element, has such wild beauty in her.

Michelle Gardella: River Stories. Photos reproduced with permission. 


  1. Oh. I think you just found me my favourite portrait photographer! How beautiful. Thank you.

  2. Thank you for showing me this wonderful photographer !

  3. Beautiful, thank you. Last night I had to write about despair that has been lurking a while but came crashing in whilst I was resting. Still debating whether to share on my blog. But at heart it was about despair at whether the world really needs another writer, and then I came to ".....And maybe I will write only one thing, one thing out of many, that...makes a difference.....The only way to become a good writer is to write....and keep on writing it, until the story comes out." So Michelle's words are most welcome.

  4. So, so beautiful...

    "And they make me believe that every woman, whatever her element, has such wild beauty in her."

    And I love this view.....

  5. What a gift. Thank you sharing these lovely images and the thought they stir in you.

  6. The photographs are truly beautiful and inspiring sort of mystical and magical at the same time - thank you for finding them for us to share.

  7. This is so beautiful. I lovw this style of photography.

  8. This is so beautiful, Sarah. The kind of photographer I someday hope to be... so far my pictures are just snapshots. But, one day, my work will tell stories. <3 xx


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