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in support of loveliness

Lately I have been soaking up loveliness, and noticing the influence it has on me in many ways. When the mind is full of beautiful images, charmed thoughts, it's easier to go contentedly through the world.

I wonder if all the violence and horror on tv creates stress for human bodies and their unconscious minds. I started watching an action movie the other night but it was so brutal, I had to turn it off. For a couple of days afterwards, I found myself alert for violent scenes in everything else I watched - including comedies. It made me question whether witnessing brutality over and again on tv traumatises people on some level.

I know many people think loveliness equates to weakness or silliness - as if a clever person couldn't possibly love lace and peonies, or a strong woman wouldn't ever wear chiffon. I've written about this before. I think it's sad some of us scoff at pretty gentleness, or relegate it to the sphere of the older woman, which is so misogynistic.

So today I'm sharing some links to loveliness.

These gift tags by Georgianna Lane.

Lace & Lilacs.

Anastasiya Belik's photography.

Cabin & Cottage.

Grace Gardens.

All the beautiful things.

Seawashed Living.

The Enchanting Rose.

A Return to Loveliness.

I hope your day is filled with all the things that bring you comfort and contentment.


  1. Thank you, this is a nice reminder for me. Sometimes I push to get things done, when I'm very tired, when I more than anything need lovely, beautiful things to feed my soul. I need nature, and quiet, and good books. You know, I wish you would put all your posts and images in a beautiful book for me to take somewhere quiet to read :)

    Also, I can't seem to make a comment with my url and name anymore. I'm Anne Linn by the way :)

    1. I try to put some of these thoughts into my stories :-) And some nice people tell me they actually print them off and make little books for themselves, which is magical for me to hear. More to come soon!

      Always so nice to hear from you Anne :-)

    2. Oh, and I changed the comments requirements recently after being trolled. I will change them back ...

  2. Re: Trying to order your writings...

    The same thing happened again, as previously. My credit card will not be accepted by.... these on-the-net-order-from-an-individual... places. When I was trying to pay for an on line program of Heather's... Credit card would not be accepted... Called my bank... Everything was in order... No reason for it not to be accepted. I even tried my husband's card, and the same thing happened. So, I finally gave up. -sigh-

    Now you can see why I had apprehension about trying to send $22 for all your writings. -repeat sigh-

    I have no such problems with orders on line, to stores and Amazon and etc. Somehow, private sites don't want to "recognize" me or something.

    I'm sure your other readers, have not had this problem, with your site. Heather's readers didn't either.

    In some way, I have offended "The Great Computer Goddess In The Sky." And she has decreed that I am not allowed to order thus. ,-)))))

    Gentle hugs,

    1. I hope you have received my email on this :-) I'm sorry for your problems, so frustrating for you!

  3. I read this quote on Tonia's blog and copied it into my notebook:

    "Make yourselves nests of pleasant thoughts, bright fancies, faithful sayings; treasure-houses of precious restful thoughts, which care cannot disturb nor poverty take away from you, houses built without hands for your souls to live in." John Ruskin

    In recent years, I've been learning this. For me it began with: "Summing it all up, friends, I’d say you’ll do best by filling your minds and meditating on things true, noble, reputable, authentic, compelling, gracious—the best, not the worst; the beautiful, not the ugly; things to praise, not things to curse." (Philippians 4:8 "The Message") It isn't a matter of complacency, of not caring about the real problems and challenges that exist in the world; rather, it is about keeping my heart in a place of love and hope instead of anger and despair.

    Love and hope are creative in nature--forces for good that lead us to imagine a better way, a *gentler* way.

    A big <3 to everything that you wrote, your beautiful photos, and lovely links.

    1. I thought I would share a favorite lovely blog of mine (from Finland): http://esmyv.blogspot.com/2015/07/saa-hatystelee-peiton-alle-lukemaan.html

    2. I'm learning that when I allow myself to love and honour the things my heart truly loves, I feel so much softer - and so much stronger - and calmer, and wiser, and all good things. It makes me better able to handle those real problems and challenges.

      Oh and thank you so much for the link, I have fallen in love at first sight!!

  4. I love loveliness (and despise action movies, too :) ). I support women's rights, but sometimes feel as though we're being pressured to be bold. This is wonderful. <3

    1. Well I must confess I normally like action movies, but not when they are graphically violent. I am desperate to see Fury Road but I'm scared of how graphic it may be.

  5. I agree - I hate brutal movies and violence in movies and just can't watch them. They seem so meaningless. The world needs more sensitive people, not fewer!

  6. I must admit I quite like violent movies as long as I know they are make believe. The ones I don't like are those which are more like real life - those I turn off or refuse to watch. We should all appreciate the loveliness in our lives as a contrast to the horrible things happening in the world.

    I really enjoyed your links today - I have missed a couple of your posts this week due to 'outside' pressures but usually they are the first thing I link too to bring light and air to my morning. Enjoy your weekend.

  7. I enjoyed your post. We need more loveliness in our lives.

  8. It's so important to focus on the beauty in life. Thoughts create.

  9. Hello sweet friend! Please forgive me for I thought I had commented on this post last week, but I see I did not. This is such a lovely post, dear one, and my heart and soul were refreshed after reading your words. I will be featuring this at Roses of Inspiration this afternoon. Thank you for sharing.

    Love and hugs to you!

  10. Thank you for this beautiful message. I think that is too much violence in our world and the media likes to fed it daily. I know that I need to put more kindness and pleasantness in my day. Have a blessed day.


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