healing our place in nature

I think I've said this before. I guess that shows I really mean it. What I've said : that I don't like being told to love nature. I don't think wisdom or healing lies that way. Yes, of course love nature because it's wild and beautiful and mesmerising - but not as a woman will hold up a crystal swan, or a book of poems, and love them. Because we do not hold nature; we do not look in at it. We ourselves, we are nature.

I think we need to stop visiting nature, admiring it, loving it, wanting to protect it. I'm talking here about language and perspective. I think instead we need to start communicating with our fellow elements of nature, reweaving our broken bonds, and balancing once again our place in the world. Not just as a community, but individually - spiritually, physically. (And not just as individuals, but in community too. Because people are a forest, after all.)

For me, I love what nature loves : the nourishment and guidance it gets from the sun and the dark, the storms and the long bright sky silences. I love it like the birds love it, with symphonic prayers at morning and evening; I love it like the sea does, sighing and shifting; I love it like the trees and flowers and people do, reaching for the sun. It is my religion, the god and goddess, being and change.


  1. And also all of nature, including humans, has aspects which are less loveable, less beautiful and more scary, nasty and ugly. I also often ponder at what point does what humans create become not nature if humans are nature. That one turns my head inside out!

  2. Again, happy sigh...

    Again, thank you for a different perspective, to think-on...

    I do get tired of the view, that Nature is the most wonderful thing, as it were. Yes, it is wonderful. But it is also awful. But as Joseph Campbell said; We must accept all of it... Not just the 'pretty parts.' And some of the "all-of-it", can be heart breaking and maddening...

    And I still have a ways to go, to get to the point of accepting all of it. The lovely and the horror. -sigh-

    Hehhhh.... I rambled again. But I "blame you" for inspiring me to think. And thus, to be pushed, to ramble. -grin-


  3. I always enjoy your thoughts on this topic and you make me attend to the way I speak about it more closely.

  4. Perfect perfect perfect. We ARE nature. Lying here being pathetically I'll for a week I've been beginning to refine my path forwards this summer I'm embracing new aspects because I am increasingly driven by a desire to help re-establish that connection.

    I read the first sentences of this and thought,'Well no, because we ARE nature.' Ha. Thank you for being such an eloquent kindred spirit.

    1. I'm so sorry you're ill. (and I read it as ill - didn't even see the typo). I hope you feel better soon.

  5. Silly old iPad keyboard. Ill, not I'll. And there were probably more full stops in there too :)


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