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winter stars on songbirds

I went out in the calm and the quiet today, and I wandered through a little flock of birds who were wearing constellations against the cold. We don't usually get many of their kind in our neighbourhood, so it was nice to be on a hill away from home and glance down to see night wings - only starlings, such ordinary little birds, but who says ordinary things aren't precious?

Like quiet windchimes made from shells through which the sea has washed a hole ...

Like days when you don't do much more than wander about looking at things, loving them.

Like stories that have no amazing cleverness, only good, mindful words in the service of relationship.

Like everyday friends and kind, humble people.

Like home.

And like this short video on how wolves change the environment.

[Today's picture was processed with a Kim Klassen texture]


  1. Wonderful picture it would make a great postcard.
    Summergreetings , Patricia

  2. Sometimes we needs to just - be. That is what your post suggests to me. As for Starlings - don't they just have beautiful plumage when you look at them closely - yes, it is like constellations of stars. I have a blogging friend who works at an animal rescue centre. They have a pet starling there called Darling who is as tame as can be - apparently it mimics everything and is even trying to talk. I enjoyed the video too - it just goes to prove that everything in this world has its place - to complete the circle of life - if one thing is missing from the circle, then everything changes. Food for thought!

  3. Ordinary things are almost always the most precious of all... love, love, love this.

  4. Oh such delightful words. I will keep them as a reminder to wander about looking at things, loving them.

  5. I shudder at how many of us go about our days in this bigger is better, more is better, over the top world and miss the small beautiful ordinary things right in front of us. Even though I try my hardest to live every minute with my eyes wide open, I'm guilty of it too. I never want to lose the wonder of life.

    ps. you come up with the most beautiful titles for your posts. ♥

  6. I love the idea of making a wind chime from shells. Lovely.

  7. Beautiful. What a wonderful wind chime.

  8. love the simplicity of this image!


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