the midwife moon

June is my favourite month, for all kinds of reasons. I will always think of it as the month of pearls and roses, even though it is, in my part of the world, more like the month of storms and wild songs.

I call this white winter moon the midwife moon, in honour of the mythic crone who is midwife to the sun, and to a girl's innocence, and also to our own creative imaginations which are seeded in darkness, in dreams. Some time this year I hope very much to tell you more about my schedule of moons and what they mean to me, and how they tell a story.

I'm writing this in the most vulnerable hour of night, its first hour, when darkness lies tenderly over the land and there is a sense of magic waking but not yet afoot - an hour like that before rain, when nature knows what is coming, and seems to hold its breath in wonder and longing. Funnily enough, I always sense this most strongly in the city and suburbs. Perhaps the countryside has a more intimate, comfortable relationship with magic.

I love this time of night. All times of night, really. But this time in particular reminds me of when I was a child and would visit the museum. It was a very old place, with corridors that rambled through silence and darkness. I always felt a little thrill that I might follow them down into faraway time. The animal models were dusty, rather clumsy, but that somehow gave them a special kind of life missing from today's technological wonders. Standing in a barely-lit exhibit chamber with gleaming trees and ancient giant birds around me made me really feel the haunting, frightening, beautiful spirit of the long lost forest. That is how it is in the unfraying of night and half-mad moonlight. The spirit is waiting, breathing, outside the glass, on the other side of the dark. Anything might happen.

A couple of posts to share today:

Antoinette at Dark Side of the Broom has chronicled her day. I've done posts like these in the past but could never write one now. My days are always so different. Today, it was walking for miles, and sitting just outside the edge of the rainfall, and Poldark. Tomorrow, I anticipate storms, and a little writing if possible.

Melissa Wiley has written a wonderfully rich and thoughtful post about blogging, and being an artist/writer, privacy, and more.


  1. Oh this is just gorgeous Sarah...pure magic. And thankyou for the mention : )
    I adore June also - it's a month that has brought both love, friendships, and the birth of my child. I also know many June people. The Midwife Moon is perfectly relevant to me, personally.

    And I really hope you speak some more about your schedule of moons. I would love to know of these. I remember a few months ago when you mentioned this, and how your language spoke to me. x

    1. June people are very special people, in my biased opinion :-) My favourite person was born in June. I love how they are at once water-souled and earth-footed, wild and deeply wise. And they always seem to hear a song of the moon that no one else is aware of.

      I am trying to get together my ideas about the storytelling of the moons, but it's a rambly, tangled, forest-dark, sudden-bright kind of path, difficult to walk.

  2. This is so beautiful Sarah! I am enchanted by your description of the dark museum corridors. Your beautifully articulated memory stirred a similar one in me, of a certain wonder at the dusty dark old clumsy animal models behind glass in a museum across the bay. And I love your words about your midwife moon. I'm inspired by the simple wisdom & beauty of your posts. x S

  3. June is indeed a lovely month. Very well written and the photos are apt. Thanks for sharing those links too. Best wishes!

  4. I agree, the first hour of the night feels a lot like it does right before it rains. I wonder why? Now you've got me thinking.

  5. These photos are beautiful. And your writing is pure magic. <3

  6. Thank you everyone for your kind comments :-)

  7. You write such beauty. I relax and breathe a little deeper reading your words. I love June too, and yes, I can feel it being about pearls and roses, especially roses. It's my birth month so it does feel a little more special to me.

  8. Gorgeous shots!


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