from the moon to a meadow

Last night I looked out my sea-facing window and saw a half-born moon drawing secret colours from the dark - rainbows, and a haze of gold that looked like love. There was so much sumptuous peace to the scene, I was enchanted although I am long used to moons by now.

When I woke this morning, I could still feel that winter-deep peace in the quiet song of birds and the pale, moon-cold air breathing through my kitchen window. It's the kind of day that makes a person want to go for a picnic in some lovely, wildish place. Then again, maybe I am just influenced by this video, which looks like something out of The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady.


  1. I'm definitely going to try these scones, they sound just perfect for summer picnics. Thank you for the inspiration Sarah :)

  2. I just love this, and may have to try this recipe. The simplicity of it is appealing. <3

  3. I'm not sure if I've ever made scones before. Looking at the recipe, they sounds like much, much healthier biscuits. I love biscuits but rarely eat them because they have no nutritional value!! I'm going to try these next time we have an oven of some kind. Thanks so much for sharing :D

  4. yum
    i am having a hiccup over honey not being good for me or worse than sugar
    i wish i had some to take with me on my camping trip ......
    this caught me: although I am long used to moons by now.
    i wondered if i am use to moons, 57 years of age, i guess i should be use to the moon
    but it still thrills me
    still i love the thought of being use to it

  5. plus.... lovely photo
    perhaps of your beautiful daughter

  6. I adore scones of all sorts and will try your recipe this week. Thank you for the inspiration, Sarah.

    We had breakfast on our front porch this morning with the moon as good company. Was lovely. I never tire of looking at our lovely neighbor.

  7. That video was beautiful - so soothing. The meadows are a lot like that around here, full of flowers and long grasses - to be enjoyed, whatever age you are. Last week I visited an Open Garden and had scones with home made strawberry jam and clotted cream - totally delicious, and perfect with a cup of tea.

    If the weather remains good today I will pack my lunch, go for a walk and find some shade under a tree to sit and read - food always tastes better when eaten outside doesn't it.

  8. hmm...that sounds very good. I happen to have some rolled oats and a little buckwheat left in the pantry. I make cornbread with buckwheat flour instead of all purpose and it's so much better. It does take a little while to get used to the brownish/mauve color instead of yellow.

  9. Thank you for sharing your recipe and dreamy writing with us...

  10. I can feel the peace. And what a lovely shot.

  11. Wonderful image and words ... !
    Thanks for sharing the recipe !
    Have a nice week,

  12. You took me right into a beautiful scene with your words. I wish that I could cook that way...some of this, some of that. I've never been able to do that. My husband can do that. He's a great cook.

    1. Oh, *I* am not allowed to cook or bake any more. I may fry myself an egg, but otherwise I am kept almost entirely out of the kitchen :-) I don't mind!

  13. Scones are a delightful treat... I haven't had oat scones, but they sound wonderful. :)

  14. Good morning, sweet Sarah! Your blog is always a lovely and calm place to visit. As I sip my morning coffee and read your words my heart is at peace :)

    Thank you so much for sharing this delicious recipe with Roses of Inspiration - it sounds wonderful! May you have a beautiful day. Hugs!

  15. Oh, I've never made scones, but I want to try these. Maybe with some rose honey? (good quality of course) Thanks for the recipe.

    Your words touch me every time, so beautiful.


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