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July 2, 2014

the uprooting of language


  1. I always initially misread confer as conifer and it carries both meanings to me in the image of the Christmas story of Mary and the fir trees - Mary and Joseph are journeying to Bethlehem and have to stop for the night with no shelter but the trees, which in those days all grew with their branches to the sky in silent prayer, the tree under which they rested gave up his heavenly vigil to reach down and shelter the couple, conferring shelter, but since then all pine trees conferred to do the same...

    I have been absent here a while, caring for illness in our family, but am SO blessed by your stories. Each one has me enthralled and I cannot pick a favourite. Thank you <3

  2. "I want your whisper on the windswept moor of longing between us."

    Yes. Oh my, yes.

  3. this one had my nodding my head, yes! yes! yes! so lovely and i hope you don't mind if i share it -- it's too lovely not to share.

  4. Beautifully said and photographed.

  5. I wish I had the ability to share so well as this. I have stepped into territory that I feel I'm butchering because of my words not because of my heart. I love how well you put this. So much. I think I'm going to enjoy these prompts, especially when they lead me to sites like yours. I'm very happy to have found your corner of the web.