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you don't have to be beautiful

I've written before about beauty, and over time my thoughts have shifted, shadowed, the way thoughts do when the subject is very big, very old, and full of pain. Today's post started this morning when I watched a video about the power of self-portrait. It seemed a lovely and empowering message to girls - even when I realised it was made by Dove and therefore was, at its heart, a calculated piece of advertising.

But then I got to thinking. I did not remember the faces of the girls, I remembered only the grief in the eyes of one of them. The pain, the shame. I knew that the important issue for her was not how she looked but how she felt inside herself. It's just that she'd been made to think that the two things were equated, and all her problems could be solved if she only believed she was beautiful.

And this is why I dislike the Dove beauty campaigns. I don't think we should teach girls that they are beautiful no matter what, as if their looks are the most important…