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autumn homemaking

I was going through some of my old papers today and found my seasonal notes from a long-ago daybook. Although we are in spring here ... the plum tree is transforming from white gorgeousness into green, and the vine behind our house has begun to flower, and when it's not storming the sunlight is mellow and sweet ... but I'll share some of my autumn notes for those of you in the northern hemisphere.

October (April in the south) is the month we call shedding moon. Do you have your own personal tradition of naming the months/moons?

The winds of change ... prepare for winter.

Gather and make candles.

Knit blankets, socks, gloves, hats.

A good time to teach children how to knit. When teaching my daughter, I created a story which explained the different steps to basic knitting; I drew pictures of it and wrote a simple, colourful little book. My story involved a princess getting ready for a ball; I have heard others telling of playful sheep! The simple rhyme used in Waldorf knitting le…