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autumn craft ideas for children

Autumn is a wonderful season for the young child - so much colour and magic! Here are a few ideas to help you celebrate the lovely red-gold season.

The sugar fairy

Leave out a little saucer of sugar, and she will give you a gift in return - a small jewel, a tiny doll, a gold coin. I'm not sure how this became an autumn tradition in our family, we picked it up from somewhere and it was just a little sweetness to add to the year.

Leaf tissue paper

Shave colourful wax crayons using an old grater or knife. Sprinkle the shavings on a sheet of wax paper, lay bright autumn leaves amongst them, then lay another sheet of wax paper on top. Be sure to not use too many shavings, and too many different colours, as then the effect will be muddy. Cover the tissue with newspaper, then iron until the crayon melts, sealing the tissue together. You can then cut the paper into shapes if you like to hang in windows or make a mobile. You can make lanterns from it, use it for wrapping paper, or make a ca…