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how to write poetically

I am not an expert on writing, I am only someone who writes, and I thought it might be interesting to share with you a couple things I've noticed along the way about poetic writing. Here are a few ideas, for whatever they may be worth, about creating a gentle cadence in your story, novel, poem, or blogpost.

Match internal vowel sounds. Straight-out rhyming is usually jarring within prose, but a delicate internal rhyme can give your sentence flow. He heard the stir of autumn. 

Match internal consonants. This generally stops rhythmic flow, but can create a heavier beat, a percussion effect whether like drums ... down the mountain they blasted on their motorbikes ... or cymbals ... Susan listened to the spiteful hissing of the sea outside her door. 

Alliteration. Matching the first letter of words is something I see constantly overused by students who have been taught poetry by someone not actually a poet. If it is to work, it must be done calmly, without too much thought - but always …

stepping out of your comfort zone

As a writer, I am often advised to leave my comfort zone when writing. The tension I create within myself by doing so will help to shape a tense and dynamic story.

Last year, I followed that advice. I wrote a story which almost constantly pulled me from my comfort zone. All the way through, I voiced concerns about what I was writing, but I kept on anyway, as we must be pioneers in the dark.

Once the manuscript was finished, I found I had nothing I could work with. A writer must have confidence in her story if she is to edit it properly and offer it for publication. But I had no confidence; I had no comfort with what I had written. I knew it was a relatively well-told story, but it had nothing of my true self in it. I'd breached my personal values as I exited my comfort zone to write it.

Recently there has been discussion amongst writers online about the fear involved in writing, and the procrastination and self-sabotage which results. The solution to these fears? Stay outside your…