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mother hulda & the wicked girl

This is a very, very old story of mine. Except of course its not mine, it belongs to the Brothers Grimm, only I tell it a little differently. My apologies for dumping an old story on you tonight; I am caught up reading The Night Circus and so this is the best I can do ...   

Once there was a girl who fell into a well. I guess you could blame her for that. She was hot, and thirsty, and it was water. She only meant to dip a hand, but you know how it goes sometimes. The whole of her went in.

And she found herself in the land of Mother Hulda.

She was not the first girl to visit there. Another had gone before, a good girl, perfect girl, about whose perfection everyone still talked. The sort of girl who opens her mouth and its like diamonds come out. Our heroine was not perfect. For a start, she had frizzy hair and scarred arms. No self-respecting prince would even look in her direction. She tried, always tried, but if she swept a floor there was some dust left in a corner, and if she sang …