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the wise woman

Once upon a time there was a girl whose father treated her the best he knew how, and whose stepmother made a few mistakes, so she took herself off for a long walk in the forest to search for truth. She met talking foxes, as you do, and burning birds, and all manner of smallfolk who pointed the way in various directions until she was thoroughly lost. Which is a good thing - it's the direct path to truth. But then, at a place where roads came together and the dark old trees shrank back, she met Jezibaba.

You know the one. That dreaded stone-toothed bone-dealer. The wicked witch.

My goodness, but she was beautiful.

She was sitting on a rocking chair out front of her little house, feet propped up, hair all tumbling wild, and she offered the girl some soup.

Well, the girl, she kind of knew it was Jezibaba, but then again she did not want to know, because she was thirsty. So she sat herself down, and the witch put a handstitched quilt over her, and a handknitted scarf around her, and m…