A Book Can Be A Treasure Chest

The other day I was heading out for a place where I knew I'd be sitting waiting for several hours, so I took Anne of Avonlea with me to pass the time with loveliness. I seldom read this particular book from page to page, because I don't much care for Davy, but I do love to dip into its gentleness and magic, and then let my dreams carry me on. Some of its sentences are my favourites out of the whole series.

Last night, I read a few pages before going to sleep, and concluded that I should make it my regular practice to read a little of a lovely book every day. As the heroine in my own current work-in-progress says, "It seems only sensible to fill your mind with beauty, since you can. I'd rather remember pieces of poetry than scenes from a horror film."

Do you have books which you keep as reservoirs of loveliness and peace? Or a treasure chest containing wonders and exotic dreams of the world? Or a key to your own dreaming soul?