when you feel ugly

Last time I said a woman may feel sometimes like she's ugly, I got a whole bunch of women coming back with what? what? I'm so glad they don't feel that way. It's heart-lifting news. But this post today is for the woman who doesn't like her own looks. Who is shy, timorous, overweight, underweight, uncertain. Maybe she feels ugly only some days. Maybe all the days. This post is for her ...

My love, you've got to sway.

You've got to put on clothes you like, and good strong shoes, and saunter right across the room.

Walk like you're moving to music. Because yes, there is music playing just for you: the song of the universe, tuned right in to your gorgeous, individual soul. When you hear it, you'll instinctively move to it - your mouth moving, lifting into a secret smile. Your eyes moving - up from the ground, looking deep into heaven. Your hips starting gently to sway.

Stand up tall and know for sure that you are a thousand feet tall - infact, you are limitless, and star-full, and absolutely perfect. And let me tell you something else, never mind how much you doubt it. You're sexy. Forget the body aspect. Forget what experience you have or what social attitudes you have - I'm talking about the power of your soul to attract love and attention. Every soul has it. Every soul deserves it.

So my girl, walk your soul across the room.

And know you are beautiful.