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August 31, 2014

some links

Many of the trees in my neighbourhood are still bare, and cold-coloured, as if they have no hope for summer. I of course know there is hope, but sometimes it feels natural just to feel the winter for a little while. At times like that, I understand how different hope is from faith.

Today is quiet like an old tree. I don't have much to tell you about. One thing: a new commenter pointed out to me that there was really no interest in "the book thing". True enough, so I've decided to put that on hold. Another thing: I thought I would share with you some of the links I've enjoyed this week, because really this internet of ours can be such a source of wonderment and joy.

Here is a great resource of 19th century scholarship for homeschoolers or other learners.

The Wind: a silent movie starring Lillian Gish, is available online.

A large collection of philosophical articles can be found at Aeon Magazine.

This map of the internet is wonderful.

TV Tropes is an intelligent and highly entertaining site for writers and readers.

I so like Kristybee's photography.

Also that of Nikaa.

In the category of wonderful blog titles: woodbird, them mornings.

If you like reading various religious perspectives, this one from a pagan quaker may interest you; I found it powerfully written.

Last thing: the new Doctor isn't so bad after all, is he? I was worried, but it turns out I quite like him.

I sure do hope you have a wonderful weekend.