I have been thinking a lot lately about how the internet is a wonderful opportunity for connection, and yet at the same time how easy it is for us all to forget that, behind the words, real people are living real lives. Recently someone made assumptions about me that were actually deeply hurtful. But when I got through the worst of the hurt, I realised I too make assumptions about my readers (and other bloggers whom I read.)

The bloggers' mantra is : consistency, consistency. As if we are all trying to package ourselves for easy consumption. But each of us is an actual person with complex thoughts, contradictory loves, and different attitudes depending on the time of day or angle of the moon. I would like to stop assuming that my "Christian homemaker" readers won't like ghost stories. I would like to stop assuming that my "writer community" readers won't have any interest in homemaking, homeschooling, mothering. And I would like to remember that, although my blog is usually described as peaceful, gentle, calming, my books are far from being sweetness and light, and people probably do understand that by now, and can navigate the difference between my dreamy blogposts and my darker stories.

One of these days I will also talk about photo sharing on pinterest and tumblr, and how the real person who took the photograph ... the real story behind the picture you're adding to your "blue board" or "pretty places board" ... is usually disregarded, to our great loss. But today is Friday, and I have to make some room now for my usual sharing of links ...

Stephen Mackey's art is beautifully strange.

Dawn writes about writing.

The sad long-term consequences of school bullying.

Steve Sagarin points out how advertisers tell children to hurry their growing up - and then tell adults to stay young.

The sacred work of motherhood.

On the secret agenda of the Mad Max movie (which I wish I could go see, but you know, I'm ridiculously squeamish. Such a shame because the trailer looks bloody awesome. Can't we have amazing car chases, grotesque villains, super cool heroes (of all genders), heavy metal rock band fabulousness, with no one getting hurt?)

And in the category of first world problems ...

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