good evening

This Beltane has coiled into a lovely dark peace. I spent hours this afternoon composing a blogpost I won't publish for a couple of weeks, so now I have nothing to give you but the darkness outside my door, the peace.

My mouth is full of fairytale. My heart is full of old love. Tonight I will listen for fairy bells, which I have heard before singing over the cliffs above the night sea, and amongst the white rose trees. Every night is a magical night, but sometimes we remember to feel it.

As for the photograph - it was taken through the car window as we drove through remote, dawn-lit countryside. I thought the house looked so old and interesting beneath the heavy dark hills, I hurried to get a shot. Only after I uploaded the picture to my computer did I find that there was an airplane infront of the house.

Everyday magic.

(joining in with kim klassen for friday finds)