wandering the dreaming woods

The afternoon is sea-washed and sigh-quiet. I am enjoying a lingering gentleness coolness which allows me to be cosy under an old eiderdown and to drink lots of tea - because soon enough it will be hot here, cracked-earth hot, relentlessly breathlessly hot until I forget how difficult winter can be and wish all over again for the cold and the white, the wild fanged skies.

I have some links for you today, things gathered up during my week's amble around the internet. But I've got fairytales on my mind at the moment ... roses, tangled bushes, whispering birds in the ancient woodland ... so I hope you're in a mood for something like magic :

Imagine having your portrait taken in this enchanting ruin of an Irish castle. I can almost glimpse ghosts of swan-princesses and lovelorn kings which must drift through these stones.

Amethyst Moon. So lovely. I shared a couple of their pictures on my new pinterest boards.

Gypsy witch diaries. Writing your day in books like these would make even the simplest accounts seem like magic and beautiful adventures.

Peach & lavender scones.

This tumblr of period film stills & book design. For the romantics amongst us.

I am currently reading Jamaica Inn by Daphne du Maurier and in my mind it looks a lot like this. I dimly remember watching the Jane Seymour version way back when; it was responsible for teaching the little forest girl that I was to fall in love with wind-wracked, moonlit moors.