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July 28, 2014

my little garden

I have a little garden of little flowers. I thought when I first moved to this house that I would regret not having enough garden space to grow food. And I do indeed, but at the same time I've gained much joy from the flowers I've planted and eased gently, and with much love, through the wild seasons.

I have discovered lovely little things over the months, such as how one plant would flower just when I thought it was fading for good - over and again, surprising me with pink bells, while it's yellow sister gave up and turned to dead sticks. I discovered that pansies are such friendly flowers, and despite their delicacy they do not mind the storms.

And I have learnt that I love flowers indoors, after all. They bring such gentle soulfulness to a room. I don't mind a slight tattering of edges; each time I look at a flower, I can almost feel its personhood smiling, dreaming of the sun.

One day I shall have a bigger garden, but I shall fill it with small flowers. Forget-me-nots. Gypsophila. Tiny roses.

How does your own garden grow?