September 19, 2014

five things, three times

Once again I must apologise as I am hoping to get some final editing done tonight (while tucked in bed with a cup of tea, probably) and so I can only offer a post of lists again.

It is hard to not tell you  a l l  a b o u t  the book, it's title, and about the woman who tells its story ... but I shall wait until Sunday. I hope you will visit me then.

In the meanwhile, some things, in fives :

Five Found Things

Joining in with Kim Klassen to celebrate Friday Finds. This week, I found ...

1. That my instincts are trustworthy, but it still doesn't hurt to double check.
2. The deep peace that comes from being outdoors at night, when everything feels just right.
3. Several wonderful books of English history at the library.
4. A new recipe for lemon blueberry cake.
5. The realisation that being quiet & waiting for a little while can make all the difference.

Five Emergency Songs

For when I need peace & clarity of mind ...

1. Clair de Lune by Debussy
2. Be Here Now by Ray Lamontagne
3. Gnossienne No.1 by Eric Satie
4. Fall Away by Lauren Hoffman
5. Echoes by Pink Floyd

Five Old Things

1. The photographs in this post (taken with my old camera, so terrible quality)
2. Butterfly wings, like the membranes of dreams
3. Remembering what it was really like, which actually matters
4. Pictures by Sulamith Wulfing
5. This post from my abandoned writer's journal ...

All day I have been shuffling words. They clack clack against my fingerbones.
Until finally I throw them all up, and inbetween the long wild rising and the fall I find what I've been looking for. Silence.
I shall go down to a beach in my mind. I shall become half invisible behind the high sharp grasses at the edge of the world. And when I have dragged drowned things from the dark waters, and when the stars are all buried in the hills, and when I am a story right through me, then I'll know how to shape that heart-stopping, breath-holding moment of silence into words that lie gently in my hands, surrendered and ready for dissection.

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